Android App-aholics Anonymous (Words With Friends)



App Name: Words With Friends
Usage: Scrabble clone with social gaming
Price: Free

Online App Market Link

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We all want to be entertained at the slow points of our day, but not all of us can sit and play a game level on our Android devices with the time that we have.  Enter Words With Friends.  Words is a scrabble clone that allows you to play online with your friends who also have the app.  Words is cross platform too, so that one iOS friend you have wont feel left out of the group.

You can create multiple games in Words and play all of them simultaneously (if you’re into that sort of thing).  There is a chat client built in so that you can taunt you opponents or beg for mercy if that’s the side of the coin you’re on.  The only issues that I have found with this game is that with my job as an Editor in Chief I know some pretty unknown, useless, and high-scoring words for scrabble gameplay and Words doesn’t always recognize the words I am trying to make (It knew “siliqua“, but didn’t recognize “Budos“.  Look them up if you’re curious.)  The push notifications for when its your turn make playing when you want and where you want a breeze.

Overall, if you are looking for a game to play with your friends on your time,  get Words With Friends.  The game is very entertaining and tests your knowledge of the english language against that of your friends (or complete strangers with the random opponent option).


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