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Today feels like a good day to rant. I will try to keep this short and sweet. What is really grinding my gears as of late is DC Comics and their movies. I look at Marvel and see some people who know how to make a dang movie and even better then that they know how to make a movie series.

I felt for the longest time that DC had the best for movies and television. From Superman to Batman in the theaters. Batman The Animated Series and its ever evolving ways that led to the DC Animated Universe on television. Marvel, on the other hand, had lack luster cartoons with Spider-man being a rare exception and really boring mostly nonexistent movies.

Now I feel the tables have turned. I think Marvel had a few bumps at first when they decided to jump into the movies. Spider-man 3 and all the X-Men movies come to mind and I almost forgot about that one Hulk film everyone pretends didn’t happen. But, then someone had a crazy idea at Marvel. Make all the movies follow one time line and story line– and now the real crazy part, make all the films play nice with each other. Of course, this is all crazy talk and would never work according to Warner Brothers, I guess. So then, how did Marvel pull it off?

I am a DC man all the way. I love the DCAU so much I can almost forgive Batman Beyond. I will never forgive trying to shoehorn Static Shock in though. But yet, how is it that DC can master the animated universe concept but yet can’t make a clear and concise film franchise? DC had at one time more live action television shows and films then anyone else in the industry and yet they put none of this to good use. Yet they had a perfect example of how to do it in the DCAU for later when they could have struck back at Marvel. I see no reason why Superman Returns had to be the best effort they could muster and I am at a total loss as to why they feel the need to put Bane into the next Batman film. Batman deserves better and I guess I was wrong to think he was finally getting some decent treatment in his new movie series. And I will spare you all my feelings about what I think about Smallville. I will also say Green Lantern is well… okay I will wait for it to come out, but I have no plans to hold my breath by what the previews look like.

I guess the point here is that Marvel could learn so much from DC and their mistakes that they can avoid most of them. The real question though for me is why can’t DC and Warner Brothers notice this and start their own cinematic universe?

All I ask for is a Justice League movie, is that so awful a request?

Let's forget this happened too

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  1. I agree with about 95% of this, but Batman Beyond was my favorite animated series. Mostly because it was original, they didn’t have to think of ways to mess with the stories from the comics so there was no way people could judge them for mistakes, I loved the series, but I will say that pre-2000, X-Men and Spiderman were the only good animated marvel shows.

  2. I will admit I like the idea of Batman Beyond. I just really think the way they did it was wrong. When the show first aired its multi-part pilot I loved it. But, they lost me til Return of the Joker came out. I just think at the time the writing was horrible and did no justice to the fact that this was as you said an interesting original idea.

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