Geeks Night Out: Midnight Viewing Of Rocky Horror Picture Show

I went out with some friends last night and we decided we wanted to go to a midnight viewing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. I’ve heard about the audience interaction and how your allowed to throw rice and toilet paper, swear as loud as possible, and shoot water guns at the right moment. I have seen RHPS many times and I was excited about this experience and honestly I definitely got my moneys worth.

This is my first time, but I learned 5 important rules:

1: Don’t wear your Sundays best, you will get wet, covered in rice, playing cards, and toilet paper.

2: Don’t expect to hear 80% of the movie, between the cues to yell Slut or Asshole and the screaming dialogue that goes along with the movie it gets drowned out. I laughed hard at the scripts some of the audience were doing.

3: Don’t be shy, with at least 10 cross dressers and a whole lot cleavage (good and bad) no one is being modest in the theater.

4: Relax, if you are gonna get angry because you can’t hear the movie or because you are getting rice in your hair, you are in the wrong place. Have fun, the movie is only about 20% of the reason to go, people point out things you’ve never noticed and for a movie fan, it’s amazing.

5:  Show up early, this theater was packed and I’m from an area where homosexuality and cross dressing are extremely rare.

RHPS isn’t the best movie, everyone knows this, but the experience is well worth the $8 I paid for it. If you think yourself a movie person and you want to see the definition of cult following, go to one of these viewings, you will enjoy yourself and you will leave thinking two things: First, How have I never gone to one of these and Second, that was entirely too much moose knuckle in one place.

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  1. I was seriously going to go last night. Should have…

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