The Home Made Heroes: Up in Arms by Foo Fighters

The Home Made Heroes is a new segment which will spotlight home made trailers, music videos, or movies available for every geek to see and discuss.

The rock band Foo Fighters is accepting video reels from fans who also happen to be aspiring filmmakers. To enter, simply fill out the entry form and upload a YouTube video of your directorial video production reel. The videos must be no longer than 10 minutes.

The Foo Fighters have posted a few videos on the contest page to give fans an idea of what they’re not looking for.

Here is a video that Geek, and future writer, Douglas Wicker directed for the Foo Fighter’s submission reel for a video contest. Doug and his crew put the video together and shot it in only 4 days.

They give a special thanks to Ashley-Lizette Berry, April White, Jesse Eliis, Travis Newkirk, the Newkirk Family and the Management of the Bonne Terre Family Fun Center for all the help and support. Enjoy!

Directed by Douglas Wicker

Produced by Douglas Wicker & Ashley Berry

Starring Jesse Ellis & Travis Newkirk

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