Top 8 Geek Pets

8. Timber

I’m not a ninja (contrary to popular belief) and I couldn’t speak (I feel like a lot of people would like this) I would totally go out of my way to train a wild animal to be my best friend. My pets will barely crap in the proper location let alone fight badly targeting foot soldiers of a giant terrorist operation WITH NO VERBAL COMMANDS!

7. Lockheed

A baby alien dragon that breathes fire! He hangs out with a very young superhero who has a thing for older men! He’s named after a airplane company! Wait that last one is a lame reason. This X-Men C-lister made the lame character of Shadowcat a much more bearable super hero.

6. Rush

Dogs are cool, they come to you when you call them and seem to genuinely seem to care for you. If only your best friend could turn into a submarine or a spring come out of his back so I could jump to higher places. Rush was Megamans best friend and greatest ally, I only wish robot dogs weren’t those lame Japanese things that only do back flips.

5. Yoshi

Now I have some serious issues with Yoshi. It’s clearly a woman, it lays eggs. Yoshi likes to pretend it’s a man, and since it’s mate is Birdo I have a conspiracy. Look up my Top 8 Lame/Cool Mario Characters for more on that. I can say one thing for sure though, if I ever found a baby dinosaur that can age to adulthood within seconds, eat almost anything, and produce giant eggs infinitely I would be a very very happy man

4. Battle Cat

So Cringer is kind of a bitch, he cowers in fear if Prince Adam even mentions Skeletor and really is only useful once you point a weapon at him, but the results are amazing. Battlecat is an armored tiger which you can ride on, what can be better than that it’s like an album cover from a metal band!

3. Rancor

You don’t have to be a tubby crying man to enjoy the Rancor, but it helps me! A giant bipedal beast that eats pig guys like they are full of peanuts and nougat. If you’ve ever read any of the Star Wars novels then you would know that the Rancor is the most powerful creature in the galaxy, second only to the Krayt Dragon, or Jedi’s and metal doors.

2. Old Lace

Runaways is a fantastic comic, it tells the story of a young band of children with powers trying to make a better life for themselves. Did I mention that their parents are super villains of the Marvel universe? Plus, who wouldn’t want a pet Raptor? They are fast, brutal, cool, and most importantly they are clever girls.

1. Falcor

Why is Falcor the best geek pet? Falcor is a luck dragon, a luck dragon is a giant flying dog thing OH and this…….

and this……

Nuff said right?

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  1. What about Ace the Bat-Hound?

  2. Inferior to all mentioned!

  3. true Doom, the weakest member is Timber, and a ninja wolf beats a masked dog.

  4. I’m not really sure how Krypto didn’t make the list. I thought at first perhaps that he is just too cool for this list…but then I see the Rancor, truly undervalued at #3 and I think that whoever made this list just forgot the Dog of Krypton!

  5. I hate superman and anything dealing with him besides Bizzaro

  6. WHAT!! How is that even possible???? I admit that before I started reading Superman and Action about 5 years ago I thought Superman was a rather played-out and boring character, but he’s awesome! The stuff Rucka did on Superman was AMAZING! Brian Azzarello had a pretty kickass run too.

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