Deep End Of The Pullbox: Lazerman

Lazerman is like Spiderman meets Archie and Jughead. The first time I read Lazerman it seemed like the big book of superhero cliches, it has one nerdy college student named Alex and his even nerdier best friend Walter, add Alex pining over a girl out of his league, who just so happens to date a jock-jerk mix in one Professor and his experiment gone wrong and *POOF* enter LAZERMAN!

Mild mannered teenager Alex now has the ability to fly, shoot lazer beams from his hands and has super strength and speed. Also, like Toby Mcguire in Spiderman, he gains a buff new hero bod begging to be clad in spandex.

Now what may seem like cliches after cliche is really just classic, it’s upbeat dorkiness is well written and very funny and the art is a little boxy but it gets better in later issues. My favorite part in the first issue is when Alex is testing out his new-found abilities and tries to walk through a wall only to smack into it. Dorky, I know. This is your classic story of a rookie hero trying to make it only to discover it isn’t as easy as they make it in the funny pages.

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  1. sorry, but I checked it out and didn’t like it. it’s like they want the cheese factor of Captain Marvel but, he has doesn’t have the balls to go all the way.

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