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Chaz, Rog and Petey, the three… heroes of our story. No, heroes doesn’t work. Let’s go with twenty-something guys who sit around talking about some of the most awkward sex situations not involving livestock. That works.

This four issue mini written by Derek Glascock is a “real mens love story”. How men view love and life in this age and how they deal with it. The main character of the trio is Chaz, a telemarketer with a romantic heart who has been  crushing on a waitress for a few weeks now. Too shy to ask her out, he asks his buddies for advice at lunch. This leads into some very colorful conversations that as a girl I found bewildering, but as a reader found myself laughing out loud.

The unique art style by Jaysin Osterkamp fits well with the feel of the book. The charater designs seem like real people without being off the wall or too cookie cutter “adverage joe”. LOST is a simple comic that moves at a steady pace without losing the reader and a seek and find for anyone wanting a love story for the sarcastic.

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  1. Great review! Really well thought out and explained. You have yourself a new reader!

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