Deep End Of the Pull Box : Pretentious record store Guy

Everyone has opinions about music. Too slow, too fast, too derivitive, too original, too old, too new. BLAH BLAH BLAH. This comic tells the story of Guy, a record store clerk and all of his opinions about music today as he tries to break out of his stale life. Between lead singer in a band that barely exists anymore and dealing with emo wannabes at the record store, Guy realizes he needs a change. Change in cloths, change in music and maybe a change in job.

I admit I didn’t like this comic right away. It seemd like it was trying too hard to be indy and different. When you have become too over exposed to posers and people trying so hard to be different (cause heaven forbid you seem like plain M&Ms) you keep your gaurd up with first impressions. Thankfully my second impression was of an original, funny and just COOL comic.

This is a great comics. It made me think of all the band practices at my brothers place and all the insane conversations that followed. It reads like a 70s punk rock version of CLERKS without all the whining. Full of intellegent observations about music you either get or you never will.

Carlos Gabriel Ruiz has created a must grab comic for anyone who needs to feed their inner smartass. Or just loves music.

Check it out at:

Available @ StarClipper on Delmar Loop in St. Louis.

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