Android App-aholics Anonymous (SetCPU)

App Title: SetCPU

Usage:  Setting your CPU speed

Price: $0.99

Get this app here on your Android device.

This app is for rooted Android devices only (and sometimes a custom kernel is necessary as well), but it’s a great Android app all the same.

SetCPU allows you to over-clock or under-clock your device’s CPU to get more performance or more battery life.  If you don’t go past the home screen of the app then you can set a permanent maximum and minimum for your device’s CPU. However, if you dive further into the app, you will find that it has these little things called “profiles”.

Profiles are basically “if-then” statements for your devices CPU settings. For example, “if your screen is off then the CPU will not clock above the absolute minimum”.  Profiles are a great way to save a lot of battery life.

If you’re like me, then you will go nuts with your profiles and set them up to lower the CPU speed as the battery goes lower so that your phone doesn’t die at the worst time.

Here are some screens to let you see what SetCPU looks like in action.

So, in closing, if you want to be able to control your cpu speed and let an app control it with a set of rules to save your battery or to crank your phone’s power to 11, then SetCPU is for you.  It’s not free, but for only $0.99 it’s worth the battery savings (or amount of 11’s cranked).

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