Deep End Of the Pullbox: Miserable Dastards

Everyone needs a job right? In the world or superheroes being a Dastard, or henchmen if you prefer, is the equivilent of flipping burgers. Long hours, lousy pay and no respect. But at least flipping burgers never got you kicked in the head by a kid in short-shorts or arrested. If it did, congratulations, you lead an interesting life.

Nic Clever, a dastard son of a dastard, is tired of bad matching costumes and abuse by idiotic super villains, so he and his two fellow thugs, Burly and Ray, decide to pull off a job of their own. Using past experiences and “borrowed” super villian tech, the three set out to make the lives of them and their families better. But it is never that easy as soon they have the police, a pair of masked crusaders and every villian in town after them .

This comic makes me smile everytime I read it. It’s funny, well plotted and introduced¬† an innovative view into the caped universe. If you are tired of the usual hero vs. villian comics and enjoy rooting for the underdog pick up Miserable Datards by Richard A. Hamilton.

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