AAA: Android App-aholics Anonymous (SDRescan)

App Title: SDrescan

Usage:  Forces a rescan of your device’s SD card.

Price: Free

Get this app here on your Android device.

SDrescan is probably the simplest, yet most used app on my phone.  Due to its lack of complexity this review will be quite short.

SDrescan forces your device to rescan its sd card in order to catalog new content.  If I download a photo or video from the web, it doesn’t show up in my gallery until the sd card gets scanned again; this is where SDrescan comes to the rescue.  Simply launching the app forces the device to rescan the sd card and therefore adds your downloaded content to the gallery without any wait time or other complicated and time consuming sd refresh methods.

While SDrescan doesn’t seem like much, if you are like me and download a large amount of content from the internet directly to your device it will prove invaluable.

Below are the only two screens that SDrescan will show you when you launch it (scanning and done).  Simple yet effective.

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