Android App-aholics Anonymous (KIK Messenger)

App Title: KIK Messenger

Usage:  A screaming fast instant messenger.

Price: Free

Get this app here on your Android device.

There are a lot of instant messenger apps out there and which you use really comes down to where your friends are.  Kik instant messenger isn’t an all-in-one IM client for all of your networks it just does a great job at handling its network.  The time it takes for Kik to send a message is almost instant (1 sec).  Kik is available on a lot of platforms such as Blackberry, iOS, Android (RIM took Kik off of their app store because of it’s resemblance to BlackBerry Messenger , but you could probably find it somewhere).  Here are a few shots of Kik in action.

So as you can see the app is simple, but does it’s job well.  Go to the marketplace and check it out.

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