AAA – App-aholics Anonymous (Album Art Grabber)



App Title: Album Art Grabber
Usage:  Uses various online services to download album art for the music on your device without album art.
Price: Free

Get this app here on your Android device.

This app is a pretty simple one and as such there isn’t a lot of things to talk about it, however, I think that if you use your device to play music this is a must have app.


Everyone has those few songs that don’t have album art attached to them.  Album Art Grabber solves that problem for you.  Open the app and then just tap the magic “Grab!” button and away it goes. Album Art Grabber will go out to popular music services and grab as many of your album covers as it can.  Even if the app doesn’t find the artwork, never fear, you can use the app to search music services and find the cover for a specific album.  The app is free and and its usefulness is unbelievable.  In short; get it.

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