The Walking Dead Week 1: Horse, The Other White Meat

I’m going to have a weekly review of The Walking Dead posted on 8 Days A Geek every Monday. I’m a grateful dead.

So I’m sure every zombie lover out there is still salivating over the first episode of AMC’s new The Walking Dead. I thought it was as near perfect as a show could be and, be a huge fan of the comics, was still suprised at the turn of events in this first episode. The scene that stood out to me the most was when Morgan (Lennie James) was shooting zombies as practice for his main kill (That’s a surprise) , a nerve wracking and emotionally powerful scene follows. I thought the cast worked well, with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) being the sort of stupid man we grew to love in the comics, Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) being the kind of emotionless robot, and the worst performance was Shane (Jon Berthal) being the ass we expect, but just sounding a little to scripted. All together a must see show full of suspense, but not for the weak stomached. P.S. A horse gets torn to shreds.

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