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So, there are these things that have taken over our world and steal away a large portion of people’s days.  Of course I am talking about apps (I know that I could be talking about a lot of things but for the sake of argument run with me).  Apps dictate what your device can do and if you don’t have the right apps you might as well not even own a smart phone.  In this feature I will do a mini review every week about an Android app that I have on my device (if you iPhone people want to complain about not getting reviews of your own then buy me an iPhone and I’ll review apps for it too).

The first app that I am going to review will be an app for the cellphone photographers in our reader base.


App title: Retro Camera
Price: Free (ad-free for $2.99)
Usage: Puts pictures taken with your devices camera through multiple filters to make them look as though they were taken with several older camera models.

Get Retro Camera here on your Android device.

Retro camera itself has very few uses for your average user but in the hands of someone who has a little talent at composing a photo the results, for a free app, are staggering.   Here are a few of the shots that I have taken with the app.

Retro camera has 5 “cameras” built into it (The Barbl, Little Orange Box, Xolaroid 2000, a pinhole camera, and FudgeCam).  Using these five cameras and the correct scenes even someone with no interest in photography can take shots that look like almost professional work.  I gave my HTC EVO to a friend of mine as a test and these are the shots that he came up with (he has absolutely no interest in photography).

So as you can see Retro Camera is a great app at a great price, and if you have an Android device that has a decent camera, or even one with a camera period, there is no reason not to have this app.

If there is an app that you would like reviewed, email me at [email protected] with the subject line App-aholics or leave a suggestion in the comments below.

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