8 Days A Geek Costume Contest!

Okay so we had some great costumes put in, and some not so great  (see the third one), but who is going to win the super secret prize? What is the Super secret prize? Well I’m here to answer your questions. First up is the prize, a limited The Walking Dead Lithograph with a bio of the artist for the show. Only a thousand or so are around. next up the contestants.

Pirate Couple!

Sexy Geisha!

White Trash Girls!

??? The Misfits Album ???

Black Face Santa…. Sorry, but that is what it is.

Dwight From The Office

Luigi and Daisy

Our Fearless Leader Pen Of Doom as Arthur Dent from Hithikers Guide To The Galaxy and his wife as a Fairy.

Sumo Girl!

And The Winner Is…!

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner from WoW. Hand made and looking great! congrats on the win I’ll contact you Via Email very soon.

What did you guys think? Did I choose right? Get ready for next year Geeks!

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I'm one of the main contributors to 8 DAG and I take pride in my other job as Public/Staff relations. I'm a comics and movie junkie and I love to podcast. Follow me on Twitter @BrandoCop
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  1. Whoo Hoo Handle Bar on the front page!

  2. Why did Damien dress up? It is scary enough to know he out there.

  3. Good choice on Lady Sylvanas! That costume looks like it took a lot of work. And the wearer is pretty damn cute, too!

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