A tornado of a Tonido


There is a new app in town.  Ok, not new exactly but I bet that very few of you have ever heard of it.  A service called Tonido is well on its way to stealing my geeky little heart away.  Do you have a server at home?  How about a computer that just stays on all of the time?  If you have either of these, look into Tonido.

Using Tonido’s desktop software you can create a web page for your computer and have access to all of your files on the go.  Think of it as a desktop version of PogoPlug.  Using a personalized URL you are presented with a browser window that allows you to open files or just download them for later.  There are iOS and Android versions of the app as well that allow you to stream and view content from your “server” on your mobile device.

Here is a view of the browser web access console.

Screen shot 2010-11-05 at 2.56.50 PM.png

When you install the software you will choose a user name and that will give you your personalized URL.  There was no configuration to be done on my Windows 7 Laptop when I installed the software.  After installing and signing up I was able to remotely access my data from the web in less than 5 minutes.

If you are looking for a home based cloud storage solution with as little “fiddling” as possible head over to www.Tonido.com and get their software.

Tonido also offers a hardware server for external hard drives but since I am just a poor blogger I cant review that one.  Maybe one day I will reach blogging fame.  Help me and tell your friends about 8 Days a Geek.

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