Geekly Forecast: Resident Evil and I’m Still Here

The Resident Evil movie franchise hasn’t been the best, but they are enjoyable, they constantly show naked Milla Jovovichs (plural) so, there’s that. This one looks to be more of the same, in 3D!

The Trailer was fairly descent and had me wondering what was going on, which is a good thing. The Posters not bad, pretty girl with a gun what more do you want from a movie. This movie will follow in the footsteps of it’s predecessors and do great, and we will probably see another sequel.

I’m Still Here is the story of Joaquin Phoenixs’ journey from Hollywood leading man to Bearded psychopath rapper. I’m mega excited about this because the entire ordeal may be a ruse by Casey Affleck and Joaquin to make a good movie.

The poster is great, it’s simplicity works so well with Phoenix’s crazy look. The Trailer is hard to find, but intriguing as hell.
This movie has a very limited release, but I guarantee it will do well.

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