Last One Standing: Master Chief VS. Megaman

Fight – Master Chief vs. Megaman

Master Chief

Number of games:
4, respectable.

Love Interest: That computer chick, I think.

Coolest Villain: The Flood, a strange The Thing like alien that infects fallen soldiers on both sides.

Lamest Villain: those little monkey Covenant things that run around and make Compy sounds from Jurassic Park.

Main Weapon: a gun. More specifically a space pistol, oooh ahhh!

Coolest Upgrade: the sword, it may not be the most effective, but its also not as clumsy or random as a blaster and is a true weapon of the force. What!? that’s not a light saber!? Heh, still cool.

Lamest Upgrade: Pink armor…..Oh, sorry, lightish red or the gay gravity hammer, it’s difficult to use.

Embarrassing Secret: It could be Gary Busey under that suit, no one knows!


Number of games: 54! That’s a lot, and it doesn’t even include his cameos in Capcom vs.

Love Interest: Roll? Or it’s his sister, or both. Not really clear on this one, the cartoon made it awkward.

Coolest Villain: Protoman, his brother, wears cool shades and an ascot everywhere he goes, super pimp.

Lamest Villain: Hard Man, the name says it all, he gives you the Hard Fist, sounds dirtier than it is trust me

Main Weapon: The Buster Cannon, a chargeable gun arm that can upgrade after killing other robots.

Coolest Upgrade: If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times, the Snake Gun. A gun that shoots snakes.

Lamest Upgrade:
The Leaf Cannon he received from Wood Man, Id rather take a Hard Fist than use this gun.

Embarrassing Secret: I think he is hot for his sister and his brother is his worst enemy.

I’m going to give it to Megaman, but only by a slight margin. I think Megaman just has a stronger arsenal, plus, Master Chief does not have a robot dog.

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  1. I’d say Master Chief would win and you got some info wrong on him.

    Games: 6 (Halo, Halo2 Halo 3, Halo Reach, Halo ODST, Halo wars)
    Coolest Villain: would probably be the arbiter. (i know he becomes allies later but still)
    Lamest Villain: Grunts
    Main Weapon: gun, check. space pistol no. assault rifle
    Coolest upgrade: u cant really upgrade him but id say it be the spartan lazor
    Lamest upgrade: he has none and the grav. hammer does not suck.
    Embarrassing secrete: I personally don’t think anyone knows if he has one, and his name is John.

  2. Congrats, you just argued on the internet see where that gets you, also “Coolest” and “Lamest” are opinions so he can’t be wrong and he was only a character in 1, 2,and 3 with a cameo in Reach.that equals 4.

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