Geekly Forecast: Centurion and The Last Exorcism

Last weeks box office was horrible, and honestly this weeks releases don’t look like they will help much.

The Last Exorcism is the newest Exorcism flick and although it’s being pitched by Eli Roth and had an amazing Ad campaign, this will be another horror flop.

The poster is great, and the trailer is interesting, but I can’t help but to be pessimistic about this movie. The ad campaign had a clever approach as well, On Chat Roulette, no ghost penises, just a cute girl looking into the camera, but before you can ask to see her boobs her eyes roll into the back of her head and she lunges at the camera. Very clever, and very viral.

Centurion is the Michael Fassbender action movie about, you guessed it, Roman centurions. It looks like a decent action film, but with a poor marketing campaign and a horrible release date this movie will join the ranks of the other year end movies, and most likely fail.

The poster has been done, but still displays a neat telling of the story and the trailer is a bit boring, but fun. I want to see this movie, but I couldn’t bring myself to watch it in theaters.

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