Comic Con 1/2 Way Rundown!

Two of four days have passed of Comic-Con and I’m here to give you a rundown of whats happened so far!

Mark Ruffalo is the Hulk, Edward Norton is out. Jeremy Renner is Bullseye, and Whedon is directing the avengers movie.

So much more after the jump!

A trailer for the new animated show Young Justice on Cartoon Network

Karl Urban is Judge Dredd in a soon to be announced movie.

Image comics Chew, about a man with psychic abilities derived by eating what he wants to learn about, is being made into a TV show.

Abin Sur, who gives Hal Jordon his ring in Green Lantern, is on display at comic con. Well, his corpse is. Hee hee… Green Lantern Corpse hee hee

World War Z, a fantastic book detailing the history of the fictional war on zombies, is being made with Bradd Pitt starring.

A trailer for the animated Goon has been released, I’m mega happy for this.

Do you like aliens? You better! Next year we’ll see:
Battle:LA, Skyline, Falling Skies (with Noah Wyle!), and Cowboys & Aliens

The trailer for the new Disney XD Avengers cartoon has been released, I’m mega excited! Why? because Constrictor!

Sucker Punch, a movie that can only be described as “Alice in Wonderland, with guns” has had some images released.

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