Dream Cast: Superman

Christopher Nolan was given the key to DC with not just the gig for Batman, but also Superman easily the most popular superhero ever. This is my dream cast of who would do well in a Nolan inspired Superman movie.

Superman – Gabriel Macht

Macht hasn’t really broken out yet, but he’s a solid actor who can do justice to supes. Macht has starred in numerous romantic comedies and is most well known as The Spirit.

Lois – Lane Amanda Peet

Amanda Peet has starred in a ton of popular movies and can play that overbearing power woman well. I chose her for Lois after seeing her in Saving Silverman.

Jimmy Olsen – Justin Bartha

Bartha plays a geek quite well. After a seeing him in movies such as the Hangover and National Treasure, I think he’s got what it takes to be Supermans pal.

Perry White – Tommy Lee Jones

Jones does cranky old man like it was designed after him, no one is more of a cranky old man then Perry White

Lex Luthor – James Marsters

Marsters is cold and calculating and at the same time can portray the passion it takes to be Superman’s arch-enemy

Brainiac – Miguel Ferrer

My favorite Brainiac, and the one I can see Nolan using is the giant robot version. Ferrer’s voice is perfect for the deadly alien robot.

Metallo – John C McGinley

Metallo was a man so in love with himself rather than die from a deadly disease he had himself turned into a kryptonite powered monster. McGinley does narcissism with a smile on his face, so he’s my pick.

Toy Man – David H Lawrence XVII

A minor villain, but one that has been fighting Superman since the 40’s Toy man is a creepy dude you wouldn’t let your children around. David H Lawrence XVII of Heroes fame is perfect for this role.

Zod – Russell Crowe

Zod is a super powered egomaniac, a dictator, and one of the phantom zone criminals. Crowe could do the over the top character of Zod quite well.

Ursa – Milla Jovovich

Ursa is Zods wife and as insane as he is. Jovovich plays strong women well, and I think its time to see her as a villain again.

Non – Robert Maillet

Non is big and strong, but not very smart. Zods favorite soldier and a veteran to many wars Maillet can portray a beast of a man very well.

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