Sony: No more 3.5 floppy disks

Sony is no longer going to sell or produce 3.5 inch floppy disks. The company started stopping production of them last year, and will take them off the market in 2011. No more Sony floppies.

How many of you remember regularly using the sturdy disks for your storage needs? I might be slightly dating myself here, but I do. During high school, it was the only way to transfer those pesky papers from home to school of I didn’t have any printer ink.

The floppy was introduced in 1981 and gained momentum through the years. The best year for sales? 2000. That’s at the beginning of my high school saga. With the rise of other disk based systems, flash drives and CDs, the floppy fell to the wayside… That’s not to say it was a completely abandoned storage medium.

Then the computer industry started to completely leave out the disk drive on its products. I don’t feel too bad for the floppy disk, though. It had a 30 year run, which is a pretty good lifespan in my eyes.


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  1. I remember using floppies alot in middle school. I love my jump drive though now!

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