A quick overview of RIM’s new twitter app.

There are a lot of screen captures and info after the break so check it out.

(My first post of this got somewhat deleted so I reposted)

Ok, the first thing to mention is that this is only a beta (a very stable and quick beta at that).

The screen above is my home screen, you are able to have a new tweet box at the top to reduce tweeting time but I think that it gets in the way and it defiantly takes up more screen real-estate. On this screen you have direct access to your timeline, mentions, lists, your profile, DM’s, find people, find tweets, and trending topics.

It’s your average twiter client with a few little upgrades that you never even knew you wanted, but once RIM gives them to you, you’ll never what to be without them again. Most of these features are just integrations with the blackberry os. Go to your pictures and select send/share from the menu and twiiter is at the top. When you press that, without opening the twitter client, a small context screen shows at the bottom of your screen. Add a tweet and send, quick, simple, effective. Just like RIM.

I’ve used Seesmic for quite awhile on my Bold 9700 and I have fallen in love with the picture preview option, meaning that you can see a tweeted photo without opening the tweet itself. If you want to see more than a preview in Seesmic you have to open the pic’s address in the browser and view it there. On RIM’s client you simply open the tweet and select the picture, the client will then open it full screen and give you a good look at it without having to go to the web. This saves me undeterminable amounts of time.

Smooth kinetic scrolling, great integration and a great UI. I think this might just be my next preferred client. If you have a blackberry and use twiiter go to the app store test center or the Beta zone website and get your copy of the public beta. It’s worth it. Great job RIM.

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