Nexus One on AT&T! Sign me up.

For all of you geeks out there wanting to get your hands on the pinnacle of android tech, but were cursed with the bad fortune of being on AT&T your day is here.

Google has officially (also quietly) released the nexus one with frequencies to operate on AT&T and Rogers. I for one can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. I’m just not sure if I can go from a Blackberry with 2 days of battery to a nexus one with 6 hours.

What do all of you think? Would you buy a nexus one on AT&T?

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  1. I’m giving Android another 6 months to mature, but also to see if they come out with a 1Ghz phone with a slide out keyboard. Being able to REGEDIT shortcuts onto the hard keyboard is a must.
    And I’ve found with the Touch Pro 2 (which has an admittedly slower processor) that the drain on the battery is heavily influenced on the browser you end up using as your main, and if push email is enabled, and this seems to be true of a few HTC phones I’ve worked with, including the Hero.

  2. Also, note that sprint will be coming out with the Nexus One on contract in the coming months.

  3. *** I meant on noncontract, just so everyone knows.

  4. All very good points. I love open systems.

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