Sony will show more people its wand.

Sony’s motion dildo will get an hour long programming session at the Game Developers Conference on March 11. Some Sony guys will explain what is going on with Gem Arc (its maybe name) and as soon as the news hits the web, I’ll report back here with what I’ve learned.

Session Description
The soon to be released Motion Controller for PlayStation 3 will allow developers to create new game play experiences, by allowing players to interact with their console in high definition using their bodies. The Motion Controller uses 3D position and orientation tracking, camera input and a controllable RGB LED to bridge the gap between camera, motion and traditional interfaces.

I wish I could be there to show them my non-existent excitement toward this product. I can’t lie, though, I’ll probably give it a try,

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  1. Doom will also be giving this a try!

    And talking of your personal habits might not be PG for a blog site!

  2. @VictorVonDoom
    Heeey. You’re going to give it a try too! Talk about airing your dirty thoughts. I’ll post a page where we can all write about our experiences with Sony’s new toy after it’s out.

  3. I’ll buy one for my girlfriend, but I’m not into that.

  4. I won’t be giving this a try! I got my own boyfriends wand to play with..

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