Threats on Xbox Live lead to Texas teen’s arrest.


While playing Modern Warfare 2, a Texas teenager told his Canadian party that he was going to take a few guns to school, that he would get from a Marine friend, and shoot a pregnant girl and his best friend. He also said “that because SWAT may be on the scene within 10 minutes, they would have to aim for the head.”

The Canadian gamer called the local police, who called Microsoft, who linked the gamertag to the boy in San Antonio, Texas, where the local police were notified of the threat and acted accordingly,

The 16-year-old boy, was arrested and suspended from school invariably, AKA expelled. A locker search turned up nothing and the kid “was very remorseful and very scared,” according to a spokesman for the school district. (He probably wanted to crap his pants.) The spokesman also said, “We believe that the boy truly was sorry for what he was doing, but in this day and age you have to take all of these kinds of verbal statements, these verbal threats, very seriously and he’s going to have to learn that the hard way.”

The San Antonio Police started the investigation as soon as they received the phone call from the Canadian authorities. I’m not clear what his punishment will be since he’s underage, but since a school was involved the charge is a state jail felony, not a misdemeanor.


[HBL via San Antonio Express-News]

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