Fable III Junk


One developer Diary, some game information and six screen shots of the upcoming game. Have fun.

Basic Information:

In Fable III you’ll be the son or daughter of the hero from Fable II. You can be good or bad, you get the dog, there’s co-op and multiple plot paths.  Albion is now heavily industrialized and the denizens are not doing well, it’s up to you whether you change it or not, since you actually become the King or Queen of Albion. Molyneux thought this would piss gamers off: No more HUD, health bar, etc. (I could barely tell how much health I had in Fable II, so I don’t really care.)

Characters will bulk up according to the type of fighting/weapons you use. Heavy weapons will make you a heavier character, magic will you make more shiny (I am guessing, with that one), guns will make you a little slimmer. Mix and match your weapons to get different results. How many followers you have is the closest thing to XP I can find. Be a good leader, get a lot of followers, the more powerful you’ll be. Emotions and expressions are an important part of this. There’s something new they’re progamming in. Touching. It’s literally touching, like holding hands, dragging, etc.

There’s some weird things going on with the weapons, I’ll explain more at a later date when the information comes out. What I do know is this: your alignment and what you kill effects the weapons. If you kill innocents, the weapon will look decidely evil, if you kill evil enemies, your weapon will look, for lack of a better description, good and shiny. Weapon titles will also be tied to your gamertag.

There might be Creepy (Natal) stuff integrated into the game. I really, really hope it isn’t. Despite myself, I’m liking the game as is.

Now, to screen caps!fable_iii_screenshot_hero_with_daughter fable_iii_screenshot_hero_inside_factory fable_iii_screenshot_cave fable_iii_screenshot_bowerstone_industrial fable_iii_screenshot_dragging_beggar


The first Developer Diary, or Episode One as it’s titled. Peter Molyneux and the crew talk about game details, show the new “extreme morphs” expression, morphing weapons, touching your girlfriend, and other things that look pretty. (Plus: you can see a puppy!)

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