WCS: Questionable Content

Questionable Content
by Jeph Jacques

Questionable Content started out as a comic centered around Marten and his anthro PC, with a lot of indie jokes, and a few perversions thrown in there by the PC. It has evolved over the years (since its beginning) in many ways–art, cast, humor, style. The beginning art looks like a completely different comic when compared to Jeph Jacques’ current, always changing (better-ing) style. The writing has always been solid, and the jokes and gags funny. This particular comic doesn’t rely too heavily on its humor, though, and dabbles with some more serious tones from time to time.

One of the great things about reading this one from the beginning is seeing the art improve. Plus, some of the t-shirts and merchandise designs from QC are really good. And, I should point out, none of the content in QC is actually questionable, in the NSFW realm. I’ve been reading this one for 5 years and will continue to follow it until its end, and probably read any future work that Jeph will create.  (And as a side note: he has awesome bird tattoos.)

Updates Monday through Friday.
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