A News Round Up

A Saturday news round up, because I’ve been busy with real life and it turns out it.. it’s been a slow week. Links below go to their respective source.

Mass Effect 2 is selling like crazy.

Somalia Islamists group bans video games, as real guns are preferable.

God Of War Slurpee Cups. Brutal brainfreezes.

Disgaea Infinite getting ported to the PSP in May.

Delayed Dragon Age expansion “Return to Ostagar” for PC is now available.

Battfield2: Bad Company PC beta footage leaked, GIANT youtube video available.

Nintendo teases us with hints about what they’ll present at E3.

Mortal Kombat: the movie franchise getting a reboot?

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  1. Yes!!! Just what we need, more little kiddies killing each other.

    “I’m sorry lil Johnny, but you must die.”

    Oh, sweet, sweet news from Nintendo.. Will you have a better device than Apple’s iPad? Please do!

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