Romance in The Horde

A 16-year-old Canadian boy and a 42-year-old Texan woman are in love, and they met on World of Warcraft. She flew from Texas and then rented a car to travel to Barrie, Ontario to meet him (in person) so they could… do whatever they wanted to do? Which, I’m guessing, included physical consummation of their relationship and shopping.

The Globe and Mail has a full story with all the details of the situation. Apparently the teen, Andrew Kane, is a dedicated gamer (addicted, per his parents and a therapist) to WoW, among other games.  The woman, Lauri Price, is the mother of four and thought Andrew was 20. Lucky for her, the age of consent in Canada is 16.

The two had been cultivating their relationship for about a year, if I read everything correctly. He used the family computer to speak with her on MSN when they weren’t traveling the lands of… uh, I don’t play WoW, so fill in the blank. His parents found logs of their conversations (which he didn’t know were saved) and they included many things, including sexual content. They told him to cut off the relationship, and told them he did. Little did they know.

What strikes me as funny, respectful, and somewhat insane, is that Andrew asked his parents if he could meet the women, and they told him he couldn’t. (I don’t blame them, I’d do the same thing in their situation.) When they went to check on him later that night, around 2 AM, he was gone. He was later found in a store shopping with his cougar.


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