Inside the “Office”

I don’t carry one particular bag around, that’s always changing. What doesn’t change is my “office.” I have a corner in the house with my furniture/equipment ¬†where I do most of my blogging, reading and writing. Everyone on the internet is curious (also known as extremely nosey, myself included, so is fun for me). I invite you to scrutinize my old computer and this particular geek’s little office space.

This is my HP Pavilion that was new… in 2006. I’ve added 2gb of RAM to it, which has helped increase it’s usefulness. It’s still rather slow, but it’s my friend! I use a 19″ monitor with the PC that also gets used with the macbook when I want to use a double monitor set-up.

Carmine the Macbook, now a year and a half old, and still running well. Plus Semla 2.0, a 750gb HD. Although a little weighty at times, I love it. The only thing I regret about having a black finish — the oil/finger prints. I clean this thing a lot.

The bookcase, home to my DVDs and about a quarter of my books, or less. (If you look close you can see boxes of shotgun shells, write-able DVDs, camera film, some scarves I made, among other things. This is the catch-all for things I don’t want to put on the desk. ¬†(It can get cluttered quickly.)

Printer! Storage! (Yes, the christmas tree is still up.)

My favorite desk drawer, and the one I use the most. Paperclips, of assorted sizes, Post-It tabs for handy marking. And, uh, the sharp things. Most know not to interrupt me when I’m busy.

And in case you’re curious, the macbook cover. It’s fishy and from Isis Dei, my favorite shop for macbook/laptop cases.

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