New Weird Al Movie In The Works

So Weird Al signed a deal with Cartoon Network, which means he would be doing some made for TV movies for them, Al announced recently that he is doing a movie,  possibly with a theatrical release, not much is known about the plans but on his blog he did post this list for interested fans.

1) He is writing the script, which is now in its third draft, though it hasn’t been green-lit yet.

2) He will be directing the film.

3) It is not a sequel to UHF (What no Gandhi 3)

4) It is not about Winston Churchill (Well I lost money on that one)

5) He will not star, rather it will most likely a teenager. Instead, he will just be “making an appearance.” (Better not be Efron)

6) The earliest that production will begin is in the Fall after he is done touring.

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