iPad, the next in women’s.. oh, it’s from Apple.

A short, succinct list of this new gadget, for the ultra lazy! Like me.

What is it? Apple’s iPad, a device to build the bridge between the laptop and iPhone

Release Date? 3G models in April 2010, wifi-only models in March 2010

What does it do? Has a touchscreen to check email, stores photos, uses the wifi to access the internet, has bluetooth, loads e-books, navigate maps and play video games.

What does it look like? Like a beefed up iPhone. 1.3 cm thick, 25-cm screen, weighs 1/2 pound.

What are the technical specs? 10 hour battery life, month long idle. Has 1 Ghz chip,  and 16, 32 or 64 gb of memory.

Cost? 16GB = $499, 32GB = $599, 64GB = $699; 3G 16GB = $629, 3G 32GB = $729, 3G 64GB = $829

Misc: For the 3G models with internet access using AT&T, $14.99  for 250 mb per month and unlimited access for $29.99 a month. It comes unlocked, any SIM Card can be used. This is not a phone, it does however have compatibility with existing iPhone apps.

I got all my information here.

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  1. I wasn’t sure where they were marketing this, but now I think I’ve figured it out.
    How much is it for a data connect card, or a netbook with data connect capabilities? $60 a month, 6 GB cap.
    iPad has unlimited internet for thirty, so for all the business men/women who go to get one, well they’ll be saving $30, and get unlimited, plus it has full backwards compatibility with iPhone in regards to syncing.

    Thats an odd move for ATT, which is already incapable of supporting iProducts on their network without dropping calls. I’m guessing they aren’t intending for it to be a massive roleplayer for apple or ATT

  2. EDIT: 5 GB cap on the dataconnect plan for $60.

  3. @Manatee Man
    Yes, 5 GB cap for a dataconnect plan. I had one for a while, but I got it before they enforced the 5 GB, aka it was unlimited.

    I’m not sure who the iPad is directed to. They’re offering wifi only models, so obviously they aren’t overly concerned with the 3G models. If you have an iPhone, and the iPad at the same time, 3G isn’t even necessary, since one of your devices comes with it. Plus, as of now, the iPad cannot multitask, which makes it an awful narrow bridge between smart phone and computer.

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