Conan the Barbarian

If you haven’t heard, some smart folks decided a while back that they were going to remake Conan the Barbarian, the classic 1982 fantasy adventure starring California’s Governator. The guy who directed Pathfinder (2007), Marcus Nispel, is set to be the director for this new Conan, and if I may say so, I think it’s a good match.

Who was chosen to be titular hero?

Jason Momoa. (Who is that, you ask? You can either check IMDB or watch Stargate: Atlantis and keep an eye out for his character Ronan, pictured here.) The film is set to start filming in Bulgaria in the middle of March and have a 2011 release date.

Momoa is tall, athletic and can wield a sword, so this might be the perfect fit for Conan. I’m hoping that Schwarzenegger has a cameo in the films, but that might be asking for too much.

This is a reboot of the Conan story, so while the basics will be there, expect new stories and adventures.

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  1. I like it, its being rumored that they’re going more comic origin so we may see Conan’s father, rumored to be Mickey Rourke, he’s becoming comic god, Conan,Sin City, and Iron Man 2, I’m excited because the Rose Macgowan Red Sonja could team up in the sequels.

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