Tucker and Dale Vs Evil

I saw this ad on the Sundance site and my god it looks funny. Tucker And Dale VS Evil (TDE) is one of the most original horror comedies I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing a trailer for. The premise of TDE is this, Tucker and Dale are two good ol’ boys from the woods, when a group of college students comes into there home to camp/party, misunderstandings happen and Tucker and Dale are thought to be crazy hillbilly serial killers, in truth they are just two not so bright misunderstood rednecks. I believe the movie is made even better by throwing my favorite actor from Firefly in there Alan Tudyk and the best part of Reaper, Tyler Labine. Watch the trailer below and tell me if you think it’s as funny as I do.

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  1. This…
    Going to be…
    This looks like it’s going to be one of the best spoofy horror flicks of 2010. Great find.

  2. This looks pretty funny….gore galore!!

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