Same ‘ol protest, different game.


Three Bishops of the British clergy are speaking out against Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Bishop Bryant of Jarrow, Bishop of Burnley, Rt Rev John Goddard and Archdeacon Brian Smith, Sodor and Man are all saying that the game is making violence and the occult acceptable in youth culture.

Capcom isn’t staying silent about the clergy’s claims. TGL has Capcom’s Leo Tan saying:

“This is scaremongering and typical religious hysteria. You cannot blame society’s ills on videogames. It’s just absurd. Most games (and movies) like Resident Evil show characters fighting evil not supporting it. Unfortunately the clergy is showing a lack of understanding of the videogames industry and is too quick to splash the holy water and lump videogames players into stereotypical boxes.“


“Videogames are entertainment and like horror movies or other scary films they are covered by a ratings system. Resident Evil, for example, is a 15 and not suitable for anyone under that age. Parents have to be trusted to adhere to these age restrictions and use common sense. Videogames cannot be blamed for society’s ills but we understand the concerns, it’s just that they are unfounded and using videogames as a bit of a scapegoat.”


Like Tan, I understand the concerns, but video games? There’s a lot more evils out there that are a lot scarier than computer generated gore and violence.

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