Comic Alert! Green Lantern

With the movie starting production now is as good as any time to catchup on your reading, and what a good time to start. In the Green Lantern Universe, that spans across the galaxy and beyond and has been running since 1940, there is a zombie attack of all the dead heroes in the D.C universe, they are being resurrected with their hearts full of hate s the Black Lanterns. Whether you like the suave Hal Jordan, the Artsy Kyle Rayner, The tough as nails super cop John Stewart, one of the thousand of alien Green Lanterns, or my personal favorite the arrogant, crude, and often times hilarious Guy Gardner, there is a lantern for you. Pick up the trades at your local comic shop poozers, you won’t be disappointed.

green_lantern_release_dateFrom left to right, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, Hal Jordan, John Stewart, in back Kilowag one of the many alien Lanterns.

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