Ninja Assassin!

jungjihoon-ninjaassassinposter So we’ve got a movie about NINJAS who are ASSASSINS. The title couldn’t get any clearer.

Some government chick living in Germany finds the crazy reports of a dead Russian government man who was looking into ninja clans who supposedly killed people for 100 gold. And though she keeps this a secret between the boss and herself, people know she’s looking into it and they aren’t happy, since they try to kill her and all.

Here comes Raizu, our main ninja, played very well by the Korean pop star Rain. His mission: help our government lady and get revenge on the clan that trained him and is trying to kill him since he left and they frown on that sort of thing.

The movie is entertaining, it really is. The story had its problems, as did the dialog. At times it was like someone gave a computer to an 8th grade English class and told them to write out the bits between a few characters. The gore is amazingly juicy and likes to squirt. The special effects guys gave us dismemberment a plenty, and the sound guys were liberal with their blade-into-flesh squishy sounds.

Raizu was basically a walking ball of scar tissue, according to one person I went to see the movie with, and he’s right. The flash backs to the ninja training do a good job of giving Raizu real character.

Suspend some judgement when it comes to the ninjas abilities. They are very fast and have this fun melting into shadows thing going for them. Their skills with the blades and BULLET THROWING STARS are fun to watch. Raizu tends to use a chain with a knife on the end for most of his fights, which resembles a Kyoketsu Shoge.

Overall, a decent movie to watch to give your brain a rest and for some bloody action. I’ll see it again, and not just because I find Rain aesthetically pleasing. But it helps.

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