Couch Cushion Achievements #7


This weeks CCA comes to you a little late due to the holiday but even journalists need a little time off.

Our game this week is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  In this game there are 23 achievements for a total of 1000 points. 


First you need to know that you will get an increasing number of points for every level you complete in the game.  If you finish the game you’ll get at least 800 points.  That’s right 800 points for just bashing your way through this one.  If 800 points is enough for you read no further, but if you crave a full 1000 come with me and together we will shake every last penny out of this couch cushion.

In level 1 you can get “clean sweep” which is 50 points and comes from finishing a level while taking no damage.  To make this easy do the jump slam and then hit Y when they are on the ground for easy kills.  Instant death traps like holes and such are ok to hit but if you take partial damage like falling off of a ledge then you need to start over to get these points.

In level 3 you get a chance to use Don’s special move ( a character will tell you when to use it) just press “RB” at the right time. Another 30 points in the can.

In level 4 you can use Mike’s special move when he uses his nunchucks as wings (you’ll know).  Boom, 30 points in your pocket.

In the very beginning of level 5 you get to use Leonardo’s special and that my friends is another 30.  Bear with me these are short because there are a lot of them and each is pretty easy. 

On the 6th level there will be a gap that you must transverse but its too far for you to jump alone.  The game will prompt you to press X and one of your brothers will throw you farther hence executing a co-op move.  Cha-Ching 30 points.

In level 11 you will get to use Raph’s special move and get yet another 30 points. (this is important to note because up until now every time Raph has been in a level he has been nigh stalker and his special move doesn’t count).

You need to beat a level with “A” rating to unlock the challenge map (easiest to do on level 1).  Play the challenge level, and repeat the “story level”. The gold coins will appear often, get one, and 15 points are yours. (this one is called…  “get your first coin”  didn’t see that coming did you?)

Ok so if we do the math, since you just got done sifting the couch I’ll add up our findings, we should have 1000 points.  Very lucrative couch cushions you have there.

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