Marvel Ultimate Alliance II :The Debate.

I recently bought MUA II and I really like the game play, the graphics, the story, even the slightly easier abilities set-up, but I noticed that the story was pretty linear and that the costumes really suffered compared to the first one. Maybe it’s just me having an irrational love for Beta-Ray Bill (one of Thor’s’ alternate costumes in MUA), or maybe the designers got lazy, but only two costumes per hero? That’s slightly lacking.

When sequels came out I always thought that it was supposed to be bigger and better, and if I didn’t count the whole costume thing it definitely overshadows the game with superior story, better voice acting, a new and easier way for combo attacks (now called fusions), more decisions that let you have your own attitude, and beautiful (let me say this like Dr.Cox from Scrubs) B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! cut scenes and game-play graphics. Overall I say this is a definite buy for all of the Marvel fans out there and a pretty solid rent for anyone who likes adventure games.

Brandon Williams Rating: 4/5

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