13 Scariest Video Game Villains

Happy Halloween month, I’ll start out this month with the 13 scariest video game villains and be sure to check back because all month I’ll have Halloween themed blogs and list, also is your favorite scary villain not on the list? Then be sure to let me know by commenting below.

13: Pac-Man Ghost – Pac-Man and Family games
Okay, granted we are a desensitized nation of violence junkies, nothing gets your heart beating more than Pinky and Clyde attacking from both sides. We don’t even know why they are attacking. I’ve always seen it as Pac-Man is an angel and these ghost are in purgatory and they want to leave even if that means killing an angel and going to hell, and no matter how many times they die they are always brought back to purgatory. Or so I think.

12: Cyberdemon – Doom Games
Not much to the imagination, here it’s Tim curry from Legend mixed with Arnold Schwarzenegger from Terminator all hopped up on Mt.Dew.

11: Mike Tyson – Mike Tyson’s Punch-out
Seriously look at the guy…I know right, And he has a tiger… I wet myself.

10: The Flood – Halo Games
So let’s make a space army game where the villains look like something from John Carpenters “The Thing.” It gets points for making me think of that movie alone.

9: Rapture Freaks – BioShock
Powerful Little sisters that drop slugs, the hulking robotic Big Daddies, or the blood thirsty Splicers, they are all creepy as hell and you don’t even know who’s good or bad till it’s too late.

8: Locust – Gears Of War
The truly terrifying thing about these alien invaders is that they are a interpretation of us as horrifyingly greedy and ruthlessness things. Scary and thought stimulating.

7: Jenova – Final Fantasy VII
You got one of those friends with a Mom that’s a bitch from hell, everyone does–don’t feel bad. So lets give her an obsessed crazy murderous son, a bunch of powers to come back as a bunch of messed up shit, and sever her head all while using her life force to create other monsters. That’s scary.

6: Mother Brain – Metroid Games
Okay maybe not the most terrifying creature, but a giant computer brain that can burst out of the ground in a body that looks like a giant fetus scares me, plus the whole thinking machine thing always gives me the bleeps, the sweeps, and the creeps.

5: Diablo – Diablo Games
He’s the Devil, O.K. SUPER DEVIL (minus Marmalade that makes you commit adultery), only he has a giant skeleton, a possessed butcher, and a dozen or so killer cows as body guards and (spoiler alert) when you actually kill this unholy bastiche you become the new Diablo.

4: Nemesis – Resident Evil 3
Well, undead, mindless, blood thirsty, brain eating zombies are bad news, let’s throw in a super zombie that can think, talk, and put his blown up ass back together (3 times!) and you have one scary bastard. WTF! What is that? He’s like 10 feet tall and looks pissed or hungry, even worse both.

3: Pyramid Head – Silent Hill Games
I’ve always loved the quote “humans fear what they don’t understand.” And I’ll tell you, a super strong sword wielding monster guy with a huge metal pyramid on his head is something I surely don’t understand.

2: Alma – F.E.A.R
I hate Japanese ghost movies, the idea of a terrifying spirit being a pale little kid never quite works for me. Now imagine that said creepy kid was controlling her military son in an insane attempt for revenge all while haunting an entire military operation and coming back from the dead 2 times. Take that “The Ring.”

1: Adam Macintyre – Dead Rising
Holy crap in a hat, I’m surrounded by killer zombies and we don’t know how many humans are actually around so any other live face would be a blessing right? WRONG! How about coming face to face with this Psychopath, driven to insanity after he witnesses the gruesome deaths and zombification of his audience of children, and now he holds a serious grudge. Adam dies in a rather gruesome manner falling on top of his chainsaws, laughing all the while as the two chainsaws rip his stomach apart. And the scary part is, in all his insanity, it turns out that his warnings were right.

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