Dream Cast Zelda : The Legend Of Link

Okay so I know that there’s a preconceived idea everyone has of A Zelda movie, but I’m coming at it from a Hollywood view. So some things may be a little different from the games, but every game is different anyway so here’s my story for Zelda:The Legend Of Link.

The basic story of my movie is this, The Gerudo, an ancient race of thieves and merchants, has found the Triforce of power , and their leader Ganondorf wants to use it to take over Hyrule and the land beyond. We meet our hero Link, a Hylian boy who is friends with the Kokiri, an ancient race of childlike elves who have a fairy tethered to each ones souls, they are the protectors of the Triforce of courage. When the Kokiri learn that a dark master has gained control over a piece of the Triforce they bestow their Triforce of courage onto a champion, that champion is Link. The Kokiri give him armor and weapons but tell him in order to defeat Gannondorf he’ll need to get the Master Sword from the mountains inhabited by the Gorons, A larger rock-eating race that dwells within the volcanoes of Hyrule, and a shield crafted by the Zora, A magical aquatic dwelling race that inhabit the rivers, lakes, and oceans of Hyrule.

With these weapons Link needs to travel to Hyrule castle and meet the bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom (unbeknownst to Link it is the beautiful Princess Zelda) with the combined power of the two of them they should be able to defeat Gannondorf. Along the way Link is given a horse named Epona by a girl named Malon. She is the beautiful daughter of a master horse breeder, Talon. I think this is where the story may take a left turn. Since Zelda is to become a sage, meaning she cannot marry, and Link doesn’t really even know her, I think Malon should be the love interest.

Okay, on to the casting.

Link – Jamie Campbell Bower

I was torn on this I wanted Link to be young, like 18 to 20 so I had to look around a lot, I found Jamie in oddest of all places, watching clips of Twilight. I saw his intensity in Twilight and thought that he was interesting so I did some research and realized he was in one of my fave Johnny Depp movies, Sweeney Todd, so he can do the lover boy aspect as well. plus he fits the physical description to a T.

Zelda – Evan Rachel Wood
Strangely enough I already knew my choice for Zelda after seeing Across The Universe, she has that pure beauty a princess should have , a wonderful voice and those large piercing eyes that only a Princess like Zelda would have.

Gannondorf – Dominic Purcell

Gannondorf is big, strong, and maniacal. Dominic Purcell is Big, Strong, and can play the brooding, dark, evil role pretty good (watch Prison Break or Blade Trinity). I thought that even physically the two are very similar so this is one of my choices that I’m almost 100% on.

Talon – Robbie Coltrane
A jolly happy man, Talon needs to ooze fatherly and loving, who better than every ones favorite half giant Hagrid from the Harry Potter series.

Malon – Rachel Wurd Wood
A relative unknown Rachel won me over with her performances in Perfume and An American Haunting. I wanted a pretty girl but not too pretty more like a simple country side kind of beauty and I believe the delicate Rachel Hurd Wood will be a perfect choice for the horse breeders daughter and Links love interest.

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  1. I try to refrain to comment on Zelda movie proposals, but I'm weak today. I don't have any issues with the people you chose, especially since Malon and Talon look pretty spot on in my head. (Maybe a tad bit with Link, because I think Jamie Campbell Bower is almost too much of a pretty boy, but I'm man–woman–enough to admit that he could pull it off.)

    If Link utters one real sentence in a Zelda movie I will be very, very sad. I know he's a main character, but they pulled it off in Wall-E with him echoing two words and it worked so very well.

  2. Maybe you could put Navi in there to keep link from ever saying anything but a yes or a no

  3. I understand the want for Link to not say anything, but it would be asking too much. Look at the Super Mario Bros movie for example. They had dialog and it worked out fine. Taking away Link's ability to speak, in a movie, would be miss interrupting the point of a movie being based off the Zelda games. With that being said, if Link ever talked in a video game I would be highly disappointed.

    As far as the cast goes, couldn't pick a better one myself. Finding the right Link is tough, but I think the kid has what it takes.

  4. If the point of the movie was just for video game fans only, then i'd say no dialogue is worth a shot.

    however, if they're making it to be an actual blockbuster movie, then they will need dialogue. Video gamers connect with link by being tied into the action, we are link. In a movie, I'm not sure that the average person, who's never played a zelda game, would be able to feel connected without some kind of dialogue. Especially if you are going to include Malon.

    As to the blog post. I agree with the choices. And the red heads hot.

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