Couples Retreat. A Review by Brandon Williams

I wasn’t sure about this at first, it looked like another romantic comedy where boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, boy and girl split up, boy and girl realize they love each other, boy and girl kiss, roll credits. (Seriously, 90% of romantic comedies are that formula). Couples Retreat pulled me in because I love Jon Favreau, Fazion Love, and Malin Akerman (plus Kristen Bell is a fox), but I stayed because it was an original look at marriage and what kind of relation ships are out there (and it was date night for my Fiance and I).

I won’t say that Couples Retreat will be your favorite movie, or that it will be one of the years best, what I am saying is that for those geeks with lady friends out there this movie is what I call “date watchable”or if your married, whether it be for years or weeks, it has some funny gags that you will relate to, and at times it’s more than that. I found my self laughing at a couple of moments and I enjoyed the supporting actors as well (look for Jango Fett), including the hilarious Peter Serafinowicz and the cool Jean Reno.

I won’t give you a break down of the movie because the situations are kind of the gag, but I will tell you it’s worth renting on NetFlix or going to see it at your favorite little cheap theater.

My Rating 3/5

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  1. im glad you watched this movie so i dont have to. i imagine if someone really wants me to see this sometime in the next month ill go happily. and maybe ill even laugh once, twice (possibly even thrice?), but as far as me personally making plans to spend $9.25 on this one, i say no mam. ill take my 37 quarters to taco bell and watch myself get diarrhea.

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