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    Error Code 8 Episode 13

    Questions or Comments? (754) 273-6397 (attn: Error Code 8 ) Error Code 8 Episode 13 Hosts: Jesse Miller @penofdoom Sam Briggs @themanateeman Blackberry in Trouble Facebook sues yahoo (LINK) Amazon instant video comes to ps3 (LINK) April Fools Jokes (LINK)

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  • DANIELS LUCAS...TO GO WITH STORY TITLED STAR WARS LUCAS--On location in the Tunisian desert, Director George Lucas directs actor Anthony Daniels, who plays the robot C-3PO, in "Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones," in this undated promotional photo. With five down, and one to go on his "Star Wars" chronicle, Lucas is thinking ahead to his second career. The one without the billion-dollar action-figure sales. The one without lines of movie-goers camped out six weeks before his movies open.  (AP Photo/LucasFilm, LisaTomasetti)...I

    Geek News: Goerge Lucas Dead at 68

    Tragedy strikes in the heart of the geek community. Film icon and Star Wars creator George Lucas was administered to a hospital in Claremore, Oklahoma this morning. A small passenger plane performed an emergency landing in a minute airfield in the city 30 minutes outside […]

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  • Iphone5-4GS

    IPhone 5 Early Hands On Review.

    I recently got the scoop of a lifetime while¬†visiting¬†a bar in L.A. A friendly man decided to make small talk with me, we were on the subject of running a site dedicated to geeks when he told me that he could let me review the […]

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