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When I’m not killing inter-galactic foes in Halo, I can usually be found writing either on my computer or the good ole’ fashion way, by candle in a dank cellar where I dwell.  In the past year I’ve taken steps to ensure my plans for world domination, the first step was to get published…see HERE.  The second was to start a world-renowned BLOG and the piece de résistance to write for an awesome website…which you’re already on so I don’t feel the need to create a redundant link!

A little about me:

I love to read and write.  A famous author once taught me that to be a good or even great writer one must appreciate reading even more than writing.  The skills acquired in reading will influence the quality of one’s writing.   I spent a lot of my youth playing CCG and RPG games (Star Wars on both fronts mostly, with a little Shadowrun and NetRunner mixed in).  I am currently working on three comic-book related projects and two novels.  The comics are a little hard to explain in less than 500 words each, but sufficed to say they’re pretty awesome.  The novels are a Star Wars one (shocker, I know) and a more literary based story loosely based on an amalgamation of myself and two of my friends…we kinda had an awesome combined life from the ages of 17-26 so it touches on events that happened in that era.

My heart  belongs to comics…and one woman who puts up with my absurd comics collections…but mostly the comics.  The first comic I ever bought was Gambit and the X-ternals #3 (Age of Apocalypse shout-out!). 

Since then it’s grown by leaps and bounds.  If you follow my posts upcoming you’ll learn that I have a taste for the indie and the obscure, I swear it’s not to be a hipster (god I hate hipsters!) it’s because my two of my biggest comic-reading influences were celebrated indie comic writer Matt Anderson and Mike Wall who both pointed me towards the weird and abnormal when it came to the industry.

But let’s get down to the nitty-gritty:

(None of these are in a particular order, they are all battling for the #1 spot)

Top Five Bands:

Less Than Jake

The Lillingtons


Mute Math

Motion City Soundtrack

Top Five Movies:

Star Wars (Original Three)

High Fidelity

Miyazaki Films (all of them)

Fight Club

Dark City

Top Five Television Shows:

Community (this actually is #1, it’s amazing, you should watch if you don’t already)




Big Bang Theory

Mad Men (yes, I know this is a sixth. no, I don’t care)

Favorite Childhood Cartoons:

Duck Tales

Darkwing Duck


Pinky and the Brain

Gummi Bears

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  1. I feel like I’m always looking for interesting things to read about a variety of topics, but I manage to include your blog among my reads every day because you have honest entries that I look forward to. Here’s hoping there’s a lot more great material coming!

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