Is that a vein in your forehead?

Episode 75 Hosts: Jesse Miller @penofdoom Sean Scott  @seanmlscott Blurbs: R.I.P. Robin Leach (LINK) Video Games: Xbox All Access (LINK) A little more Ash (LINK) TV: TBBT to end (LINK) Laurie has new series (LINK) Apple taps a classic (LINK) DC goes Daily (LINK) Tech: Pai in your face (LINK) First your land now your broadband (LINK) Broadband is like a utility, but also not (LINK) Yet another password needs changing (LINK) Burning through mobile data like wildfire (LINK) Movies: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (LINK) Moviepass makes changes again (LINK) LOLOMGWTF The Pauls get punched in the face (LINK) What the hell are you up to? Jesse: Baywatch, Upgrade, Thinking of switching back to android, LA Noire switch Sean: Disenchanted, got an iPhone whatever

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