The One Where Sean Hates Cinema

Episode 66

Jesse Miller @penofdoom
Sean Scott  @seanmlscott

Shooting at Youtube HQ (LINK)
Youtube Kids curation could get better (LINK)

Video Games:
Fortnite Mobile is raking it in (LINK)
PUBG changes coming to consoles (LINK)

Renewal announcements (LINK)(LINK)
Transformers get another shot (LINK)
Karl Urban returns to TV (LINK)
New Netflix team-up (LINK)
Jay and Bob VR (LINK)

The internet loves April 1st (LINK)(LINK)
There’s a new DNS in town (LINK)
Apple’s new iPad (LINK)
Google’s answer for the Apple Tax (LINK)
Spotify’s got something up their sleeve (LINK)

You’ve been recruited by the Star League (LINK)

Millennials are Confused Dumb (LINK)

What the hell are you up to?
Jesse: Far Cry 5, Ready Player One, Preacher
Sean: The Toys That Made Us, Thor: Ragnarok

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A small time blogger with big time dreams and a love for everything geek.
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