I Have All the Hz

Episode 44

(Sorry if the audio sounds odd. Adobe Audition shit the bed on me.)

Jesse Miller @penofdoom
Sean Scott  @seanmlscott

Google Docs Phishing Scam (LINK)(LINK)
As Black as Sean’s Soul (LINK)
Alexa can now whisper sweet nothings to you (LINK)

Video Games:
Steam changes the gifting rules (LINK)
The Long Dark gets a story (LINK)

Orange is the New Black gets hacked (LINK)
Game of Thrones Spinoffs? (LINK)
Roseanne gets a reboot (LINK)
Powerless loses power (LINK)
Boondock Saints head to TV (LINK)

In Uber Trouble (LINK)
Amazon and Apple get along (LINK)
Living on the Edge (LINK)
Alexa is watching (LINK)
New Alexa on the Way (LINK)

Dark Tower trailer (LINK)

People-eating deer (LINK)

What the hell are you up to?
Jesse: Mustache Shenanigans, Unraid
Sean: American Gods, Bill Nye

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