Geek Comic Review: Deapool The Duck #1

Story: Stuart Moore

Art: Jacopo Camagni & Israel Silva


Everyone’s favorite Merc with the mouth is back and this time, he’s got a partner; the Detective with the feathers.


For those of you who are not familiar with these characters, here is a little background for you. Deadpool is a mercenary for hire that has a accelerated healing ability, thanks in part to the Weapon X program and Wolverine, that causes him to be practically immortal. He’s also bat-s%#t crazy and constantly talking to the voices in his head.


Now for Howard the Duck. (Shout out to those few who are familiar with the 80’s live action movie!)Howard was abducted from his world, Duckworld, in another dimension and was dropped in Florida. He is versed in Quack Fu, a martial art usable only by waterfowl, and finds himself mixed up in a multitude of situations I which he always manages to get out of. He now spends his time as a private detective for hire.


The story begins with Deadpool and an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. in a safe house. The agent is trying to tell Deadpool that they have a mission request for him and as always, he is preoccupied. He begin discussing redecorating he safe house with his “spirit animal.” Agent Mary finally gets Deadpool to look at the mission request and he accepts, using his teleporter to leave.


Howard the Duck is driving down the street contemplating his current existence, is this his story or someone with a better box office draws? As he is driving and avoiding the “hairless apes,” a spaceship appears and crashes into his car and a house. The capsule opens and out comes, none other than, Rocket Raccoon! However, something is wrong with Rocket. He manages to tell Howard that he was injected and then he begins to attack Howard.


In comes our hero, Deadpool. Deadpool attempts to fight Rocket, but rocket bites down on the teleporter device and an explosion occurs. When the smoke clear, it’s obvious something terrible has happened. What will become of this disaster? Only way to find out is to read the comics!


As always, I highly recommend anything involving Deadpool. This gets 10/10 unicorns and 5 tiny hands!

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